18th April 2021

OCO Game Design Showcase

Can I play these levels for free?


What game do I need in order to play this?


What platforms can I play these levels on?

You can play it on iPhone and Android phones.

The story behind these levels


I enjoyed creating my co-op level in Portal 2 so much that I wanted to create more puzzle levels in other games.

OCO caught my eye because of its one touch control scheme and variety of gameplay mechanics like bounce and speed.

Since I could only make 30 levels in the game, I decided to create 3 levels at a time which would explore each mechanic. These levels increase in difficulty and are designed to be a challenge.

My plans for the rest of the levels are to explore the rest of the game's mechanics like glide and warp and combine them all together for the final six levels.


9th March 2021

Portal 2 Co Op Level Game Design Showcase (School project)

Can I play this level for free?

No. You need to own Portal 2 to access it.

What game do I need in order to play this?

Portal 2.

What platforms can I play this level on?

You can play it only on PC.

The story behind this level


In March 2021, I attended a lecture at Kingston University which focused on Multiplayer Level Design.

A task we had was to take what we learnt and create a co-op level in Portal 2 as a team.

A fellow student and I created two co-op levels. My level above expanded upon the glass separation mechanic that the fellow student implemented in her level.

I designed my level so that defeating the turrets would be very hard for one player to do on their own.


This is why the laser was implemented. It encouraged two players to work together and focus on defeating the turrets first before getting the cube onto the red button and finishing the level.


22nd January 2021

Redemption Game Design Demonstration (School project)

The story behind this game


For the game design module of my Game Design Masters at Kingston University, I designed a non violent game called 'Redemption'.


It’s a first-person puzzle game about Amy, a woman who seeks redemption by saving animals that she had a hand in separating.


Its game mechanics are the following:


. Simple physics generate challenges.


. Up to 20 short puzzle levels which provide increasingly difficult challenges.


. Ends with a wide-linear level which incorporates stealth.


This demonstration video was made for a pitch presentation in January 2021.


I drew the storyboards, made the prototype for one of the puzzle rooms and did sound design for the demonstration.


I designed two iterations of Redemption, the first was shown in a pitch presentation in November 2020. Here's the link to that pitch presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JaAxss1iyA&t=0s

The sound effects are from Epidemic Sound and Big 5.


Niamh Coffey plays as Amy and Jessica Buckley-Dearing plays as Kate.


3rd August 2020:

Game Design Showcase on Dreams

Can I play this level for free?

No. You need to own Dreams to access it.

What game do I need in order to play this?

Dreams (Available both physically and digitally on the PlayStation Store)

What platforms can I play this level on?

You can play it on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5.

The story behind this level


During Lockdown that began in March in the UK, I wanted to give Game Design a try since there were, at the time, no job opportunities for Theatre Sound Technicians. 

Dreams, which released on the PS4 on February 14th 2020, was the perfect opportunity for me to design a video game level without having to learn coding as well.

I wanted to see if I'd enjoy the process of game design which, by the time I finished the level in August, I very much did.

I enjoyed creating this level so much that I'm studying for a Masters in Game Design at Kingston University.

My inspiration for this level was the first level of one of my favourite video games, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

I wanted to see if I could create a similar level layout and collectable system.

The elements that I created in this level were the grass and playable area.

The rest of the elements were made by the following users in Dreams: AndymationB, hijacko, jaffakree, Media Molecule, Rslaven, SamCreeper07, Selenac and the_original_se.