• Fintan Davies

Another update on the multiplayer racing game

For the last two weeks, I have made progress on designing the racing game by completing the layout of the track and creating menus for the game.

(Fig. 01) Fintan's Screenshot (4 Cars)

I have added 4 player cars (Fig. 01) to show what the game would be like as a multiplayer game. At this stage, only one player can control all four cars.

(Fig. 02) Fintan's Screenshot (Flattened Road)

In previous versions of the game, the road would slope up and down. This however made it difficult for the car to reach the top of the slope. Because of this (Fig. 02), I decided to flatten the slope and made the two upward slopes at both the beginning and end of the road smoother for the car to ride on.

(Fig. 03) Fintan's Screenshot (End of Lap)

I've also shortened the end of the lap to be a circle race (Fig. 03). I did this because originally the race would continue on the edge of the terrain with a raised slope. During testing, the car was unable to reach the top of the slope and I didn't figure out a way for the track to loop back to the beginning of the race.

(Fig. 04) Fintan's Screenshot (UI)

I've also created the UI for the game (Fig. 04). I've made a Lap counter, a key collectable counter, a player position tracker and a Lap Time/Best Time timer.

(Fig. 05) Fintan's Screenshot (Main Menu Items)

I've made a main menu (Fig. 05) which contained the following: Credits and a Choose Car Menu.

(Fig. 06) Fintan's Screenshot (Currency and Shop)

I've also made a menu (Fig. 06) for the currency you get after winning a race and the shop where you can select paints for your car.

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