Fintan Davies - Sound Technician


June 16th

Technician - Adorable Dora (OSO Arts Centre)

June 12th

Duty Technician - The Pirate, the Princess and the Platypus/The Paper Dolls (The Polka Theatre)

June 8th

Duty Technician The Paper Dolls (The Polka Theatre)

May 25th + June 2nd-4th 2022:

Duty Technician - Snow White/The Paper Dolls (The Polka Theatre)

May 8th - 10th 2022:

Production Sound Engineer - Lotus Beauty (Hampstead Theatre)

April 30th - May 1st 2022:

Duty Technician - The Emperor's New Clothes/Plastic Drastic Fantastic (The Polka Theatre)

April 10th 2022:

Technician - Vibrant Kingston (Rose Theatre Kingston)

March 15th - April 1st 2022:

Sound and Lighting Technician - Under the Radar (Jon Crewe/Old Red Lion Theatre)

February 1th - 5th 2022:

Sound Designer and Operator - The Red Lion (Hampton Hill Theatre)


January 6th - 7th 2020:

Get In Technician The Edit (Sarah Gordon and Joe Hufton/Theatre503)


December 1st - 2nd + 4th 2019:

Get In Technician - Cinderella (New Wimbledon Theatre)

November 12th to 16th 2019:

Sound and Lighting Technician - Under the Radar (Jon Crewe/The Bread and Roses Theatre)

November 5th to 9th 2019:

Sound Designer and Operator - Sex Cells (Hampton Hill Theatre)

September 19th 2019:

Get In Technician - Grand Scheme of Things (Kopfkino/Theatre503)

September 14th to 15th 2019:

Boom Operator & Sound Mixer - Goodbye Danny

May 23rd 2019:

Get In Technician - Fast Love (Stupid Love Theatre/Theatre503)

May 21st 2019:

Get In TechnicianA Girl, Standing (Back Talk Theatre/Theatre503)

May 19th to 20th 2019:

Sound & Lighting Programmer and Operator - Sex Between Men in the 21 Century (Maria, Pinta & Nina/Theatre503)

May 12th 2019:

Get Out Technician - Captain Corelli's Mandolin (Rose Theatre Kingston)

May 5th 2019:

Get In Technician This Wounded Island (Anything Other Theatre Company/Theatre503)

April 23rd to 27th 2019:

Sound Designer and Operator - BU21 (Hampton Hill Theatre)

April 22nd 2019:

Get In Technician - Captain Corelli's Mandolin (Rose Theatre Kingston)

March 10th to 11th 2019:

Sound and Lighting Operator - Rapid Write Response: There Is A Field (Theatre503)

February 11th to 13th 2019:

Get In Technician - The Monstrous Child (Royal Opera House/Royal Opera Houses' Linbury Theatre)

January 28th to 30th 2019:

Get In Technician - New Work, New Music (The Royal Ballet/Royal Opera Houses' Linbury Theatre)

January 27th to 28th 2019:

Sound and Lighting Operator - Beginnings (Joyous Gard/Old Red Lion Theatre)

January 20th to 21th 2019:

Get In Technician - Cuzco (Daisy Hale and Katie O'Connor/Theatre503)

January 11th 2019:

Lighting Programmer - Gone (Original Impact Theatre/Theatre503)

January 7th 2019:

Lighting Programmer - Cuttings (Relish Theatre/Theatre503)


December 13th 2018:

Sound and Lighting Operator Really Want To Hurt Me (Flaming Theatre/Soho Theatre)

December 8th 2018:

Sound and Lighting Technician - Bathroom Sessions (Blue Plaque House's/Courtyard Theatre)

November 22nd to 24th 2018:

Sound and Lighting Operator - Elsie Thatchwick (Blue Plaque House/Theatre503) and Really Want To Hurt Me (Flaming Theatre/Soho Theatre)

November 21st, 28th and December 1st 2018:

Sound and Lighting Operator - Indebted to Chance and The Recruiting Officer (Mercurius Theatre Company/Old Red Lion Theatre)

November 14th to 17th 2018:

Sound Designer and Operator - Echoes of the War (Hampton Hill Theatre)

October 2nd to 6th 2018:

Assistant Lighting Technician - The Actor's Nightmare and The Inspector Hound (Hampton Hill Theatre)

September 26th 2018:

Sound and Lighting Technician Cold Chips (Tiny Theatre Company/Theatre N16)

June 13th to 16th 2018: 

Sound Operator - Mayday, Mayday, Tuesday: Mikhail's Story (Rose Bruford College/The Ugly Duck)

June 2018:

Graduated Rose Bruford College with a First Class Honours degree in Performance Sound

March 12th to 14th 2018:

Live Foley Operator - The Hypocrite (Rose Bruford College/Stratford Circus Arts Centre)


October 31st to November 2nd 2017:

Sound Operator - Children of the Sun (Rose Bruford College)

June 8th to 23rd 2017:

Sound Designer Deep Blue SeaEscaped Alone and New Anatomies (Rose Bruford College)

Sound Operator Butterfly KissTwoVagina Rex (Rose Bruford College)

March 16th to 18th 2017:

Sound Operator Butterfly Kiss (Rose Bruford College)


November 2016:

Installation Sound Engineer - 360Q (Prague Quadrennial/Lapidarium)

August 25th to 28th 2016:

Sound Designer and Operator - Nuns (Perform and Give Theatre Company)

August 10th - 21st 2016:

Radio Mic Operator Rise (Old Vic Community Company/Temporary Venue at Waterloo Green)

United Kingdom  |


October 7th to 11th 2014:

Assistant Lighting Operator The Graduate (Teddington Theatre Club/Hampton Hill Theatre)


Sound Operator for ten productions at Richard Challoner School. Seven of these productions were also performed in Budapest.