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Fintan Davies -
Sound Technician


April 21st - 23rd 2024

Lighting Designer and Programmer  - The Watsons (Jack Studio Theatre)

March 14th - 16th 2024

Sound and Lighting Technician - Essence of Audrey (Jack Studio Theatre)

February 26th - March 2nd 2024

Sound and Lighting Technician - Art (Hampton Hill Theatre)

February 19th - 25th 2024

Sound and Lighting Technician - Spider (Riverside Studios)

February 11th 2024

Sound and Lighting Technician - Love from the Pink Palace (Union Theatre)

February 8th 2024

Sound and Lighting Technician - Helen Goldwyn is in a Funny Stage (Union Theatre)

February 4th 2024

Sound and Lighting Technician - The Essence of Audrey (Union Theatre)

February 3rd and 9th 2024

Sound and Lighting Technician - Janie Dee's Beautiful World Cabaret (Union Theatre)

February 2nd 2024

Sound and Lighting Technician - WestEnders (Union Theatre)

February 1st 2024

Sound and Lighting Technician - Acting for Others (Union Theatre)

January 28th 2024

Sound and Lighting Technician - Echoing Silence (Union Theatre)

December 9th 2023 - January 7th 2024

Sound No 1 - Dick Whittington (Richmond Theatre)


December 9th 2023 - January 7th 2024

Sound No 1 - Dick Whittington (Richmond Theatre)

November 19th 2023

Get Out Technician - Rebecca (Charing Cross Theatre)

November 8th - 11th 2023

Touring Technician - I Really Do Think This Will Change Your Life (Harlow Playhouse and Theatre503)

October 16th and 23rd 2023

Sound Technician - Tribe (Young Vic)

June 12th - September 9th 2023

Sound Operator - Accidental Death of an Anarchist (The West End's Theatre Royal Haymarket)

May 20th 2023

Tech Operator for Funny Side of Earlsfield event (Tara Theatre)

March 24th 2023

Tech Operator - Constellations (Tara Theatre)

March 20th 2023

General Technician at Tara Theatre

March 17th 2023

Technician and Tech Operator for Spoken Space event (Tara Theatre)

February 11th-12th + 22nd-25th + 27th 2023

Sound TechnicianJazz Age (The Lost Estate)

February 8th-10th 2023

Tech OperatorShe (Tara Theatre)

January 28th 2023

Tech Operator - Funny Side of Earlsfield (Tara Theatre)

January 26th 2023

Sound Technician - Curtis Holder Exhibition Launch (National Theatre's Lyttelton Lounge)


November 7th - December 31st 2022

Sound No 1 - Mother Goose (Hackney Empire)

November 3rd 2022

Volunteer Technician for Get In of Jack! (Chickenshed)

October 24th, 26th and 31st 2022

General Technician for Artists Make Space Exhibiton (Tara Theatre)

October 10th 2022

Technician for get in of Poltergeist (Arcola Theatre)

October 8th 2022

Tech Operator for Funny Side of Earlsfield Event (Tara Theatre)

October 7th 2022

Tech Operator for Spoken Spaces Event (Tara Theatre)

October 6th 2022

Tech Operator for English National Opera Event (Tara Theatre)

September 29th 2022

Sound and Video Technician for Conference (National Theatre)

September 22nd, 28th, 30th, October 16th, 27th and November 1st 2022

Technician for Stage Work (King's Place)

September 14th, 16th, 23rd and 26th 2022

Technician for Stage Work (Questors Theatre)

August 22nd, September 1st and 2nd 2022

Technician for Maintenance (Battersea Arts Centre)

August 5th and 7th 2022

Event Technician for a Wedding (Battersea Arts Centre)

July 31st and August 1st 2022

Technician - Queen of Fishtown (King's Head Theatre)

July 22nd 2022

Sound & Lighting Technician - Magnetic Island Scratch Night (The Network Theatre)

July 16th 2022

Get Out Technician - Nine Elms Installation (Battersea Arts Centre)

July 13th 2022

Duty Technician - The Paper Dolls and School Workshop (The Polka Theatre)

July 6th 2022

Sound Designer & Operator - The Killing of Sister George (Hampton Hill Theatre)

July 2nd 2022

Lighting & Sound Operator - Sophie Duker: Work in Progress (Battersea Arts Centre)

July 1st 2022

Assistant Lighting & Sound Operator - Shelf: Hair (Battersea Arts Centre)

June 29th 2022

Lighting & Sound Operator - Christopher Bliss: Work in Progress (Battersea Arts Centre)

June 27th 2022

Get In Technician - The Making of Pinocchio (Battersea Arts Centre)

June 16th 2022

Technician - Adorable Dora (OSO Arts Centre)

June 12th, June 26th, July 23rd, 24th and 30th 2022

Duty Technician - The Pirate, the Princess and the Platypus/The Paper Dolls (The Polka Theatre)

June 8th and July 17th 2022

Duty Technician The Paper Dolls (The Polka Theatre)

May 25th + June 2nd-4th 2022:

Duty Technician - Snow White/The Paper Dolls (The Polka Theatre)

May 8th - 10th 2022:

Production Sound Engineer - Lotus Beauty (Hampstead Theatre)

April 30th - May 1st 2022:

Duty Technician - The Emperor's New Clothes/Plastic Drastic Fantastic (The Polka Theatre)

April 10th 2022:

Technician - Vibrant Kingston (Rose Theatre Kingston)

March 15th - April 1st 2022:

Sound and Lighting Technician - Under the Radar (Jon Crewe/Old Red Lion Theatre)

February 1th - 5th 2022:

Sound Designer and Operator - The Red Lion (Hampton Hill Theatre)


January 6th - 7th 2020

Get In Technician The Edit (Sarah Gordon and Joe Hufton/Theatre503)


December 1st - 2nd + 4th 2019

Get In Technician - Cinderella (New Wimbledon Theatre)

November 12th to 16th 2019

Sound and Lighting Technician - Under the Radar (Jon Crewe/The Bread and Roses Theatre)

November 5th to 9th 2019

Sound Designer and Operator - Sex Cells (Hampton Hill Theatre)

September 19th 2019

Get In Technician - Grand Scheme of Things (Kopfkino/Theatre503)

September 14th to 15th 2019

Boom Operator & Sound Mixer - Goodbye Danny

May 23rd 2019

Get In Technician - Fast Love (Stupid Love Theatre/Theatre503)

May 21st 2019

Get In TechnicianA Girl, Standing (Back Talk Theatre/Theatre503)

May 19th to 20th 2019

Sound & Lighting Programmer/Operator - Sex Between Men in the 21 Century (Maria, Pinta & Nina/Theatre503)

May 12th 2019

Get Out Technician - Captain Corelli's Mandolin (Rose Theatre Kingston)

May 5th 2019

Get In Technician This Wounded Island (Anything Other Theatre Company/Theatre503)

April 23rd to 27th 2019

Sound Designer and Operator - BU21 (Hampton Hill Theatre)

April 22nd 2019

Get In Technician - Captain Corelli's Mandolin (Rose Theatre Kingston)

March 10th to 11th 2019

Sound and Lighting Operator - Rapid Write Response: There Is A Field (Theatre503)

February 11th to 13th 2019

Get In Technician - The Monstrous Child (Royal Opera House/Royal Opera Houses' Linbury Theatre)

January 28th to 30th 2019

Get In Technician - New Work, New Music (The Royal Ballet/Royal Opera Houses' Linbury Theatre)

January 27th to 28th 2019

Sound and Lighting Operator - Beginnings (Joyous Gard/Old Red Lion Theatre)

January 20th to 21st 2019

Get In Technician - Cuzco (Daisy Hale and Katie O'Connor/Theatre503)

January 11th 2019

Lighting Programmer - Gone (Original Impact Theatre/Theatre503)

January 7th 2019

Lighting Programmer - Cuttings (Relish Theatre/Theatre503)


December 13th 2018:

Sound and Lighting Operator Really Want To Hurt Me (Flaming Theatre/Soho Theatre)

December 8th 2018:

Sound and Lighting Technician - Bathroom Sessions (Blue Plaque House's/Courtyard Theatre)

November 22nd to 24th 2018:

Sound/Lighting Operator - Elsie Thatchwick (Blue Plaque House/Theatre503) and Really Want To Hurt Me (Flaming Theatre/Soho Theatre)

November 21st, 28th and December 1st 2018:

Sound and Lighting Operator - Indebted to Chance and The Recruiting Officer (Mercurius Theatre Company/Old Red Lion Theatre)

November 14th to 17th 2018:

Sound Designer and Operator - Echoes of the War (Hampton Hill Theatre)

October 2nd to 6th 2018:

Assistant Lighting Technician - The Actor's Nightmare and The Inspector Hound (Hampton Hill Theatre)

September 26th 2018:

Sound and Lighting Technician Cold Chips (Tiny Theatre Company/Theatre N16)

June 13th to 16th 2018: 

Sound Operator - Mayday, Mayday, Tuesday: Mikhail's Story (Rose Bruford College/The Ugly Duck)

June 2018:

Graduated Rose Bruford College with a First Class Honours degree in Performance Sound

March 12th to 14th 2018:

Live Foley Operator - The Hypocrite (Rose Bruford College/Stratford Circus Arts Centre)


October 31st to November 2nd 2017:

Sound Operator - Children of the Sun (Rose Bruford College)

June 8th to 23rd 2017:

Sound Designer Deep Blue SeaEscaped Alone and New Anatomies (Rose Bruford College)

Sound Operator Butterfly KissTwoVagina Rex (Rose Bruford College)

March 16th to 18th 2017:

Sound Operator Butterfly Kiss (Rose Bruford College)


November 2016:

Installation Sound Engineer - 360Q (Prague Quadrennial/Lapidarium)

August 25th to 28th 2016:

Sound Designer and Operator - Nuns (Perform and Give Theatre Company)

August 10th - 21st 2016:

Radio Mic Operator Rise (Old Vic Community Company/Temporary Venue at Waterloo Green)


October 7th to 11th 2014:

Assistant Lighting Operator The Graduate (Teddington Theatre Club/Hampton Hill Theatre)


Sound Operator for ten productions at Richard Challoner School. Seven of these productions were also performed in Budapest.

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