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Fintan Davies - Game Designer

This prototype is about solving physics puzzles both outside and inside a room.

The player is tasked with solving these puzzles by carrying objects around and placing them in specific parts of the level. This prototype is designed to be accessible for players who are visually impaired, colour blind and have motor difficulties.

Puzzle Accessibility Prototype.jpeg

OCO is a one-button puzzle platformer where timing is key to completing a level. Players must avoid obstacles and time their jumps in order to get all the yellow collectables. My custom levels in OCO are designed to explore each unique gameplay mechanic and test the player's hand-eye coordination.

OCO Game Design Showcase.jpeg

Portal 2 is a puzzle game where you must interact with the environment in order to complete a test chamber. In this Co-Op custom level, two players must work together by both carrying a mirror cube and creating two portals to destroy the turrets.

Portal 2.jpeg

Redemption is a non-violent puzzle game where you solve a series of puzzle rooms and then rescue animals in a stealth level. The player must solve a series of physics puzzles in order to reach the wide-linear stealth level at the end of the game.

Redemption White Box.jpeg

Dreams is a video game creation tool where you can create your own levels. This custom level I made is inspired by the first level of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker in terms of it's level structure. The player must collect collectables. They must also navigate and interact with the environment in order to reach the end of the level.

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