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Game Designer, Level Designer and Sound Designer

Key Responsibilities

Prototype a game based on the theme of heroism and weakness

Create Game Design Documentation

Use sound effects to tell the story



Redemption is a non-violent first-person puzzle game about Amy, a woman who seeks redemption by saving animals that she had a hand in separating. The player solves a series of puzzle rooms that revolve around physics. Once the player completes these puzzles, they enter a wide-linear level where they must sneak past guards and rescue the animals from the deforested area.

My role was to design a game that revolved around the theme of heroism and weakness. I wanted to design a non-violent puzzle game because I used to be obsessed with violent games and wanted to give a shot at the untapped potential of non-violent video games.

Screenshot 2022-05-14 at 13.22.55.png

My work revolved around drawing storyboards so that they followed the script I made for the game. I also used sound effects for both the storyboard sequence and the puzzle prototype level to make the demonstration immersive.

The main thing that I wanted to focus on when designing this game was to make it as interesting and engaging as a violent game. Making this game made me realise that non-violent games are the games I want to focus on designing in my career. I felt this way because I found it much more fun to design non-violent mechanics and story compared to a violent one.

My tasks were to pitch the game twice to my class for the game design module of my masters. I made two iterations of the game. The first iteration was a 3D-Collect-A-Thon with five playable characters. The second iteration involved puzzles and two playable locations. This change was made both because I overscoped the game and that puzzles are inherently a non-violent element of gameplay.

I worked on telling the story through storyboards, sound effects and prototyping a puzzle level. The idea for the puzzle level was for it to have the scales of justice as the main puzzle element. I had it as the main puzzle element so that it would make a good tutorial but also to represent the theme of justice in the game.

Screenshot 2022-05-14 at 13.28.39.png


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