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An update on the multiplayer racing game I'm designing.

This past month, me, Franchiesca Lingal (Game Designer) and Yadagiri Challa (Game Programmer) have made progress on developing our racing game.

We’ve still set it in Egypt and have narrowed down our aims and objectives of our game. We want the game to have the following:

· Be two player

· Have the environment and terrain be the main challenge in winning a race

· Incorporate speed powers

· Have a narrative

· Have shortcuts

· Each car has unique stats

· Customisation.

I’m going to present the progress we’ve made so far and what our next steps are:

(Fig.01) Fran’s Screenshot (The start of our racing game, 2021)

This screenshot above (Fig.01) shows the level that Fran has designed. We’ve decided to make it a third person racing game.

(Fig.02) Fran’s Screenshot (Our racing game’s gameplay map, 2021)

Fran’s gameplay map (Fig.02) shows the layout of our race and where obstacles will be placed. I’m designing the environmental hazards which will be incorporated into the next version of our game.

(Fig.03) Fran’s Screenshot (Our racing game’s user interface, 2021)

Looking ahead in terms of our next steps in developing our racing game, Fran will be designing the User Interface (Fig.03).

In terms of what I’ll be doing for this game, I’ll be looking into integrating audio (both Sound Design and Music) into the game. It’ll be the first time I’ll integrate audio into Unity which is an exciting prospect!

I will also be designing the narrative, monetisation and characters. This will come about from the game design document that me and Fran will be collaborating on.

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