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Redemption Game Design Document 1-Pager

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Last week I pitched my game called Redemption which you can watch here: I’ve taken the feedback and changed elements of my game so that it has a tighter and clearer focus however it still has all the elements that are important to me. These elements are that it’s a non-violent game which has a positive message.

For this blog, I’m presenting a Game Design Document 1-Pager for this new iteration of Redemption:


Redemption is a Third-Person 3D puzzle console game where you go through a series of puzzle rooms in order to reach a deforested area and rescue animals.

Story & Characters

Redemption is about Amy, a hero who seeks redemption by rescuing and reuniting families of animals that she had a hand in separating. Amy is part of a logging company. When she walks through the destruction caused by them, she feels guilty that she got involved. Amy leaves the company and vows to rescue the animals that are trapped in the destruction.


The puzzle mechanic in Redemption is about weight and balancing.

(Fig. 01) My Screenshot (The Scales of Justice, 2020)

This puzzle mechanic begins with the scales of justice (Fig.01).

(Fig. 02) My Screenshot (Four scales in Breath of the Wild (Nintendo, 2017), 2020)

This puzzle is expanded by doubling the number of scales (Fig. 02) the player interacts with.

The Item Inventory will be the food that Amy has in her backpack. Each item will have the weight in kilograms presented on the item inventory HUD.

Level Design

The game will have 20 levels.

The first 19 levels will include the components that make up a puzzle, a door to both access and leave a puzzle room and a human handprint scanner that allows the player to access a puzzle room once they complete a puzzle.

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