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Deciding the right prototype for Redemption

(Fig. 01) My Screenshot (Example of a Software Prototype, 2020)

What is a prototype (Fig. 01)?

A prototype, according to Adams and Dormans (2012, p. 15), is a usually incomplete model of a product created to test its usability before building the real thing. Game designers create prototypes of games to test their mechanics and gameplay.

In terms of what I want to achieve with my prototype, I want to test my puzzle mechanics. I want to show how a scale of justice puzzle works in the game.

There are two kinds of prototypes I could use, the software prototype and the paper prototype.

A software prototype is created in a game engine like Unity to present game mechanics, animation assets, audio assets etc.

The software prototype is also, according to Adams and Dormans (2012, p. 16) best used when you want to get a sense of how your video game will feel to the player.

An advantage for creating a software prototype is that I would get a good indication of the gameplay of my game. I would be able to accurately present how gravity affects the physics of a puzzle.

A disadvantage is that it’ll take longer to complete compared to the paper prototype.

(Fig. 02) My Screenshot (Example of a Paper Prototype, 2020)

The paper prototype (Fig.02), according to Adams and Dormans (2012, p. 17), is a noncomputerized, tabletop game that resembles your game.

An advantage for creating a paper prototype, according to Adams and Dormans (2012, p. 18), are that it is fast to create since they don’t need to be programmed.

A disadvantage is that game mechanics that deal with physics are difficult to translate.

Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of both prototypes as a whole, it is the software prototype that suits my needs best.

While it’ll take longer to complete, I think that software prototyping will best showcase the physics of my puzzles.

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